Shredding Services for Financial Institutions

Working in the world of real estate, specifically as a lender, broker, title company or escrow company means that you have many legal concerns when it comes to your client’s privacy. There are federal and laws in place that declare when you can discard certain documents and how your firm must dispose of them.

Lack of Compliance Can Cause Serious Problems

Privacy acts are in place by both the state of California and the federal government that require certain types of documents be destroyed or erased to prevent identity theft or leaking of sensitive information. California law states that customers injured by violation of these laws may institute civil action to recover damages, and the business itself may suffer stiff penalties. The federal law is very similar and could possible catch cases that the State of California misses. Additionally, outside possible fines or even jail time, your business could have its reputation RUINED by a major data or privacy breach.

Luckily, in many cases, if you are making a serious effort at controlling the flow of information and data out of your firm (including, but not limited to shredding sensitive documents and erasing data), you are much less likely to be found liable in a court case or significantly reduce punitive damages and your reputation will be protected.

This can be a complicated matter and not one you want to go at alone. This is where SoCal Shred can help.

We are more than just a paper disposal firm. We are a high security ,NAID Certified shredding service provider.

What Can You Expect if You Work with SoCal Shred?

Why Choose SoCal Shred?

SoCal Shred accomplishes more than just getting rid of paper. We offer security and limit potential legal liabilities while protecting your firm and its reputation - in reality, businesses such as lenders, brokers, title companies and escrow companies can't afford NOT to property destroy sensitive documents. Call or contact us today at SoCal Shred to learn more about how we can make document destruction easy on you.

NAID Certified Shredding Services
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