"At Binder and Binder, it's very important for us to maintain the security of our confidential information. SoCal Shred has helped us do that by shredding everything on-site at our location, instead of bringing it back to their plant for shredding like some other companies do. It gives us peace of mind."

Max Ortega
Binder and Binder
National Social Security Disability Advocates

"We used another shredding company for a number of years, but we felt like they didn't care about their customers that much. Even when we significantly increased the amount of paper we needed to shred they wouldn't give us additional bins or break on price. They gave us a great price and their service has been excellent."

"SoCal Shred is more secure, because they shred the documents on-site at our facility. Some of the other shredding companies we looked at bring everything back to their plant to be shredded, so you don't really know how they're handling your documents."

Mo Tahir
OSO Homecare
Irvine, CA

"First we used a shredding company that shredded everything off site, but we didn't feel the process was secure. Then we used a storage company for shredding, but they were way more expensive. Finally, we did a competitive bid and SoCal Shred offered the best service for the best price."

Fady Bishay
Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons
Beverly Hills, CA

"We used to use an office shredder, but it took a lot of time to shred stacks of paper and it cost us more money, because we were constantly burning through shredders. It's so much easier now. We just drop the paper in the bin and SoCal Shred comes by and shred everything for us. I love using their service."

Amber Cruz
Savvy Escrow Works
Long Beach, CA

"SoCal Shred has always gone the extra mile for us. We were doing a consolidation and needed another container during that process. SoCal Shred gave us the container and didn't charge us anything. Little things like that have been great."

"We had another shredding company, but then one day I noticed that they were emptying our containers and taking everything back to their facility to shred it, even though our agreement stated that they were supposed to shred on site. I call SoCal Shred and they guaranteed everything would be shredded on site and it has been. Now we feel secure that we can just dump our confidential documents into the locked containers and it will be shredded properly."

Melissa Mack
Fidelity Information. Services
Santa Ana, CA

"With all the paper we had to shred we were burning out a couple of office shredders every year. Plus it took a lot of staff time to shred everything ourselves. Now we just drop it in the bin and SoCal Shred does the rest. Their service is awesome!"

Phil Montano
Quality Home Infusion
Glendale, CA

"The driver that comes to shred for us is very friendly and helpful. You guys are doing an excellent job."

Susan Logan
Mitchel Silverman MD
Sherman Oaks, CA

"We were using another shredding company and they did a fine job, but I always thought we were paying too much. SoCal Shred gave us a much better price and they work with us on timing when we have a special pickup. They've been great!"

Susan Fisher
Diversified Investment Inc.
Anaheim Hills, CA

"We switched from another shredding company to SoCal Shred because their prices were more reasonable. Since then SoCal Shred has been very dependable and we like that they shred everything on site."

Mary Valdez
Gordon, Edelstein, Krepack, Grant LLP
Los Angeles, CA

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