Product Destruction Services

Non-Paper media, Micro-Media and Physical Computer Hard Drive Destruction are not NAID Certified.

SoCal Shred specializes in document shredding services, but destroys more than just your confidential documents. Any company that regularly deals with confidential information - cloud backup & storage, medical, title, escrow, realtors, attorney, accountants, cpa's, etc., our high security shredding trucks can quickly and easily destroy the following:

Electronic Storage

Destroy your hard drive when you are ready to get rid of an old computer. The same goes for your old cell phone. Don't discard either with data still on it, as it can be easily hacked.

With SoCal Shred's on-site, mobile hard drive shredding services, your confidential records will be safe from start to finish. You're Not Just Destroying A Hard Drive - You're Destroying Electronic Records!

Additionally, company may find themselves with large sums of products that have become out of date. Why not throw it in the trash can? The simple answer is fraud.People can pickup your out of date products, then come to your company and demand a refund for the products ... or even a store credit. Don't fall victim to people that would do everything in their power to run a scam on you.

Medical and Personal Records

Intellectual Property

Call us toll free at (877) 747-3391 for a free quote today. Our goal is to leave you with ZERO LIABILITY!

NAID Certified Shredding Services
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Non-Paper media is NOT NAID certified.