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High Security Shredding Equipment That Protects Your Business

It's not that you don't trust you staff, but every facility also has maintenance, cleaning staff and management with keys that give them full access to your office. Identity theft frequently occurs from employees and staff that have access to confidential records (FTC). With SoCal Shred, you'll limit access to these confidential records, protect your reputation and your bottom line. All of our routine, onsite mobile shredding customers receive free use of a high security, locked shredding bin or shredding console to hold and secure your documents that are ready for destruction.

Shredding Trucks

Shredding Equipment - Shredding Truck

SoCal Shred has the latest in mobile shredding equipment and technology. Our commercial, 31 foot shredding trucks completely destroy 6,000 pounds of paper and sensitive documents per hour. The Gripper Tipper grabs your shredding bin and feeds it to a 120 horsepower, 46 knife shredder. The best part for our new customers is our closed circuit, internal shredding truck cameras that let you watch your documents turn into unreadable little bits of paper ready to recycle. When you stand there in awe with a big grin on your face, that usually gives us enough time to complete your Certificate of Destruction. Who knew work could be so fun?

Locking Security Containers

SoCal Shred provides security containers free of charge for all of our routine customers. We give you a set of keys and they can stay locked at all times. We have 2 options to choose from, depending on your specific needs. Don't take the chance of having anyone throw away confidential records in the trash. Our shredding containers make it convenient to safeguard your sensitive information, limit your liabilities and stay in compliance with state and federal laws.

Shredding Equipment - Shredding Consoles

Shredding Consoles

For the office setting, we offer slim, secure shredding consoles that will blend in with their surroundings. For environments that deal with tons of loose secure documents that need to be immediately secured on disposal, our shredding consoles provide the perfect solution.

Shredding Console Dimensions

35" Tall x 19" Wide x 17" Deep

Shredding Equipment - Shredding Carts

Shredding Carts

Our 64 gallon shredding carts are made with a thick, durable high-density polyethylene plastic, your shredding carts can hold up to 200 lbs while providing absolute security with a locked top.

64 Gallon Shredding Cart Dimensions

42" Tall x 24" Wide x 30" Deep

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